Legislation News

A large numbers of Acts and Regulations impact the property industry in NSW. 

You’ll find the latest legislation news and updates from REINSW below. 

To view a non-exhaustive list of legislation which affects real estate agents, stock and station agents, and business agents, click here >>> .

Real estate reforms legislation announced

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean has announced legislation to help strengthen real estate standards.

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Six month countdown to strata window locks

Strata building windows must be fitted with safety devices to comply with new legislation by 13 March 2018.

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NCAT legislation amends needed ASAP

REINSW calls on the government to to amend NCAT legislation immediately.

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Can lift refurbishments trigger compensation?

If a lift is refurbished, do owners corporations pay compensation to affected owners and tenants?

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Countdown begins to strata window safety

Strata building windows must be fitted with safety devices to comply with new legislation by 13 March 2018.

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Are explanatory notes required?

Do explanatory notes need to be included in a general meeting agenda of an owners corporation?

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Reforms to fire safety certificates

Reforms have been drafted at helping strata managers ensure fire safety measures are properly checked.

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How long must you keep business records?

Bryan Wilcox from REEF explains how long principals need to keep business documents for.

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Effect of new strata laws

NSW Fair Trading recently held a Strata Schemes Information Seminar.

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Avoid underquoting traps

REINSW held a free Member webinar aimed at giving agents a deeper understanding of underquoting.

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CPD audit results alarming

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin has labelled an audit on CPD compliance “alarming”.

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eContracts are legal and more secure

Australian law firm Colin Biggers & Paisley says eContracts are more secure than paper contracts.

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Written instructions offer protection

REINSW has warned agents to protect themselves from the Australian Consumer Law.

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Problems with the new strata laws

REINSW spoke to two Strata Chapter Committee members to find out problems with the new strata laws.

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New strata by-laws - what you need to know

Find out the three things you need to know about the new strata laws as a strata manager.

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Is rental bidding legal?

Find out what REINSW President John Cunningham's view on rental bidding is, and what the law says.

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Fire safety reforms for NSW buildings

The NSW Government has released reforms to boost fire standards in the building industry.

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New tenant checklist updated

The new tenant checklist has been updated to comply with changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.

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Rental Bonds Online now mandatory

It is now mandatory for agents and landlords to offer an online service to tenants signing a new lease.

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Connected persons cannot manage strata

Find out how being a “connected person” can stop strata agents managing a scheme.

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