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Strata window safety begins has begun

Find out what affect the new strata window lock laws will have on strata and property managers.

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Buyers' agent case appeal allowed

NSW Court of Appeal overturned a Supreme Court decision which found a buyers’ agent had breached the Australian Consumer Law.

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Baking bad: Drug lab claims on the rise

Illegal drug manufacturing is on the rise. Find out tips to identify illegal activities.

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Handling a hack: Be alert…and alarmed!

Stories of cyber security breaches are so commonplace that many of us now switch off when we hear them.

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WIRE is back to inspire and motivate

Realcover is a major partner at this year's REINSW’s Women in Real Estate Conference.

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2017 REINSW Awards winners recognised

Real estate’s outstanding performers have been recognised at the 2017 REINSW Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner.

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Strata window safety needed by March 2018

Find out what affect the new strata window lock laws will have on strata and property managers.

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Cyber insurance - are you covered?

Cyber risk is now accepted as one of the major emerging risks worldwide and insuring such an exposure will soon become as mainstream as taking out liability insurance.

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Tracking your tradies

A recent claim highlights how important it is to have the right checks in place when paying tradies.

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Cybercrime: $757,000 trust account theft!

A Sydney agency witnessed nearly $1 million being stolen from their trust account.

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Litigious liaisons

Australia is one of the most litigious societies in the world and real estate agents are not immune to claims.

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Spotlight on buyers’ agents

There are many risks associated with being a buyers’ agent and there’s often a fine line to tread to stay on the right side of the law.

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Protection from discrimination claims

Professional Indemnity insurer Realcover recently received details of a claim against a property manager.

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Know your limits

A recent case serves as a timely reminder to all agents to review their professional indemnity insurance

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Agents are being targeted in email scams

One real estate agency mistakenly transferred $64,000 after being targeted by an email scam.

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Reviewing risk is essential

Change is constant in real estate, which is why it’s important to regularly review your risk.

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Email fraud warning for property managers

Property managers are being warned to be on their guard against email fraud.

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Beware of land size misrepresentation

Find out how to avoid a claim from incorrect advertising of land size of properties for sale.

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Court overturns agent fraud

An agent found liable for over $3 million had the decision overturned in a Court of Appeal.

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REINSW supports training reform paper

REINSW supports the NSW Government’s education and training reform paper.

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